What kind of business traveller are you?

People travel for different reasons. When it comes to business then by understanding the needs and motivations of the traveller it becomes much easier for travel providers to ensure they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. In providing a temporary base for business travellers at our serviced apartments in London, Clarendon examines the different types of business travellers we see.

1.    The Experienced Business Traveller

What to look out for – is aged 35 and older, takes on average 12 trips a year, and wants to stay connected

The experienced business traveller is confident in their ability to manage travel, handle making arrangements and keeping track of expenses. They know exactly what they’re looking for and are happy to ask for it. These veteran travellers want to ensure their trip is not hindered by a lack of connectivity equipment as they will embrace technology to make sure their productivity on the road is not impacted. 94% bring their laptops on the road with them so Wi-Fi and 4G is essential.


2.    The Frequent but Reluctant Business Traveller

What to look out for – usually older and take around 15 trips a year

This group says they want to feel safe on the road and they want to stay in touch with their family while they’re away. For travel providers this means it’s vital to highlight safety and security features as well as connectivity that enable them to Skype and use technology to stay in touch while they’re out of town.


3.    The Less Frequent Traveller

What to look out for – the majority are under 55 (89%) and they’ll take around 11 trips a year

These younger travellers have less experience on the road but they’re nervous of new destinations. For travel providers it’s therefore important to ensure they provide a clear city guide with commuter tips and public transport as well as restaurant destinations and attractions to give them a helping hand for their stay.


4.    Enthusiastic Travellers who love Technology

What to look out for – 91% are younger than 54 year old

This predominantly younger market is passionate high-tech travellers who are always on the lookout for the latest gadget that will make their trips easier. They are likely to spend more per trip and want to stay productive as well as keeping connected while they are on the road. Connectivity as well as tools suited for gadgets like travel or service apps will help them to get to grips with what a travel operator is providing.

At Clarendon we take measures to accommodate all different types of business travellers, for example for the younger high tech traveller we have a mobile app, where they can find out what to do in the area they are staying in. For the frequent and more reluctant business traveller, we ensure that measures are taken for safety i.e. secure key code access for the property. We also offer fast Wi-Fi so you can keep in touch with your family.

Clarendon has a wide range of locations and extended stay accommodation in Canary Wharf, The City, West End and South West London.


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