What do business travellers need to remind them of home?

Business travellers might seem as though they’re not fazed by travelling but in fact a new survey reveals they miss home cooking as much as their family. So what do you miss when you’re away from home?

Travel is part and parcel of the working world. Yes, technology has made the world smaller and more connected but sometimes it’s better to work face to face. Being on the road as a business traveller can be both exhilarating and lonely. The majority of Clarendon’s guests are business travellers staying at one of our central locations across London so we know what they’re looking for.

The answers given to the survey conducted by Regus shows that a quarter of business travellers said they missed homemade food. Over two thirds (68%) said they missed their family and over a third said they missed their home. One in five said they miss speaking their own language.

Travelling and staying for an extended period of time in an unfamiliar city can be disconcerting. It’s the little things you miss like the shops you’re used to on the high street, or the snack from your favourite deli. These things take on huge importance when you’re homesick and surrounded by people and sights you’re not used to.

At Clarendon Serviced Apartments we understand that these feelings of homesickness are natural but they can be alleviated. We know that our serviced apartments aren’t the same as home, but we do try to make them a fairly close second. The fully fitted kitchens in each apartment make it simpler to prepare home cooked meals. For a small charge we now provide rice cookers in our apartments so our Asian guests can have the amenities they need to create their favourite delicacies from home.

It isn’t just food and loved ones, 12% of the survey respondents said they miss their pets when they’re on the road. At selected Clarendon venues, including Wraysbury Hall, Minories, Clarendon House and Gardens and Manning Place we now allow pets.

At Clarendon we also know that the best way to tackle feeling nostalgic and homesick is to embrace the new. That’s why we offer location guides via our smartphone app so that our guests can explore their temporary home and find out what attractions are on their doorstep. Travel does broaden the mind and instead of feeling lonely we’d always suggest guests go out and explore London. We have locations across the city including Canary Wharf, the West End and South west London. We even offer two and three bedroom apartments so that the family can come and visit during a business trip. Don’t be homesick when you’re away, find the right place to create a home from home.

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