UKBA restructure is welcome news for the serviced apartment industry and businesses in London

News that the UKBA is to be restructured is good news for the business traveller industry. The agency is set to be split into two. It should mean more business travellers will stay in the UK and that they’ll be able to stay for longer which is welcome news for accommodation providers like Clarendon Serviced Apartments.

The UK Border Agency has been the subject of criticism in recent years. Taking a long time to review visa applications as well as immigration cases delays those wanting to come into the country. For the business travel market this was a blow. The risk of putting people off, of making executives think they faced a lengthy delay if they planned to come to do business in the UK can be seen as a deterrent.

Speeding up the process, as the proposed restructuring is intending to, is welcome news for the industry. High spending nations outside the EU, like China as well as growing economies, like those in South America, are less likely to be dissuaded by delays and are more likely to come and do business. Specific changes include same-day visas for Indian executives, making inter-company transfers easier as well as speeding up visa applications. This boosts the potential for travel with the expanding Asian economy as well as encouraging the relocation market.

If more people are inclined to visit the UK from overseas it will be welcomed by all businesses in London, business leaders and the serviced apartment industry alike. Post-recession, London will have to attract top talent from around the world to stay successful and to turn to high levels of growth. Making it easier for that top talent to come in and out of the capital is therefore welcome news.

When they arrive of course they will need somewhere to stay. Many firms are increasingly looking to serviced apartments instead of hotels as they are more flexible, cost effective and offer a centrally based yet luxurious stay. The boost to inter-company transfer means more will be likely to opt for a long-term stay – for example several months before they find a permanent home.

These relocaters are more likely to stay in a serviced apartment like the ones on Clarendon Serviced Apartment’s portfolio. With a range of properties across the capital it makes it easier for an individual to choose a location that suits them, like The City, the West End or further afield in Kew or Richmond for example. Secondly an apartment is more suited to a long term stay than a hotel. With a fully fitted kitchen it is easier to cook one’s own meals and to do the laundry (with a weekly household service). Apartments include one,  two  and three bedrooms meaning they are suitable for a family relocation, as well as the individual. It is also more cost-effective. Serviced Apartment deals are designed for longer-term stays meaning if over 90 days are booked it works out as being considerably cheaper than a hotel.

For those looking to benefit from changes to the UKBA, then a serviced apartment is the home away from home they are looking for.

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