Travel light, travel fast is the advice from Clarendon Serviced Apartments

you constantly on the road? Business travellers used to seeing clients across the country or visiting international trade shows know that to keep down the stress and hassle they need to travel light. At Clarendon many of our clients are business travellers used to living out of a suitcase for a chunk of the year. Here are our tips for being prepared for a life on the go.

Keep packing to a minimum

If you travel regularly you’ll have a bag that’s dedicated to carrying all the bits and pieces you’ll need on the road. Yet even the most experienced road warrior can get lazy about making sure they’re streamlining their travel bag’s contents. If you’re still carrying items around that you’re not using you’re just weighing yourself down. Instead next time you get home unpack everything thoroughly (and give your bag a good clean while you’re at it). Only pack what you know you’ll use. To avoid any last minute panics and to ensure you’re prepared as you can be pack your bag as soon as everything is washed and ironed.

Make sure everything is charged

One of the downsides of our digital life is that you need multiple chargers for your laptop, tablet and mobile. If you keep a checklist of all your power devices you’ll know if you have a charger missing. There’s nothing worse then arriving at a hotel and realising you’ve left something uncharged. Instead make sure you charge everything together the night before you leave and do the same the night before you come home.

Have two of everything

It’s all about making travel easier when you’re on the road and it can be frustrating, not to mention expensive, if you leave things you need at home. Have an extra set of chargers for your travel bag as well as extra toiletries that are just for you on the road. You won’t get them mixed up with your home supply and more importantly if they stay in your travel bag you won’t forget them.

Bring workout gear

Travelling constantly can be stressful. You don’t have the creature comforts of home and you’re routine feels interrupted. A 20 minute workout in the hotel gym, or just an hour of yoga in the morning will help you relax and burn off excess energy. It will help you relax and can help with jet lag.

Become a god at list-making

Even the most organised of us can’t remember everything, and why should we have to. Keep a list of everything you need on the road, either hard copy or via an app like Evernote or similar on your smartphone. Check your bag the night before you travel, especially if it’s an early start!

Once you arrive at your accommodation, you want to ensure everything is as comfortable as possible, and that’s where we come in. Clarendon has serviced apartments ideal for short let and extended stay accommodation in London; at the City, Canary Wharf, the West End and South West London. We ensure our business travellers are as comfortable as possible, that they have all the amenities they need and are as comfortable as possible while they’re on the road.

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