Extended-stay apartments: The more you spend the more you save

If you collect reward points from a loyalty programme, you tend to have to either spend an absolute fortune with the company, or wait until your retirement in order to have enough to exchange them for the most basic of gifts.

Similarly, the old adage so beloved of the advertising industry – “the more you spend, the more you save” is one almost guaranteed to rile even the most mild-mannered of shoppers, thinly disguising, as it so often does, the fine art of upselling goods or services you might want but never really need.

However, when it comes to renting a serviced apartment, Clarendon Serviced Apartments point out that there can be no doubt about the actual and realistic cost-saving benefits that begin to accrue the longer the extended stay is.

Not only are there cost-saving benefits, but the advantages over renting a hotel room for the equivalent extended-stay period become even more clear.

One of the single biggest advantages contributing to cost-saving benefits of renting an extended-stay apartment is having a fully-fitted kitchen to cook meals similar to those you would enjoy at home, and at an equivalent cost. You aren’t subject to continually looking for a restaurant to eat in, or worrying about going over-budget as a result of continually eating out! You can prepare and eat what you want, at whatever time you chose, with no restaurant bills and no restaurant gratuities!

You can also piggy-back this on entertaining friends or hosting a business dinner in a private – and more familiar – environment. Not only can you eat ‘in peace’ – and enjoy an accompanying bottle of wine at supermarket prices – but, with a spacious lounge at your disposal, you don’t have to start searching out somewhere to host a private, post-dinner meeting!

Another aspect often overlooked is that after any length of stay over seven nights, the familiar spectre of a requirement for clean clothes raises its head! A hotel stay necessitates using their often expensive valet services, or otherwise seeking out a laundrette.

On the other hand, an extended-stay apartment will have a washer/dryer, ironing board and iron at the ready, providing total convenience and nil cost. The washing and drying takes care of itself, and you can choose any spare few moments, at your own convenience, to iron a shirt or two!

While most guests appreciate that a happy home is a healthy one, there is the added advantage in an extended-stay, serviced apartment that a professional cleaning team comes in once a week and ‘top-to-bottoms’ the entire apartment – and it’s not just a lip-service clean, either!

So all in all, adding the costs of otherwise eating out, having clothes valeted and organising a weekly cleaner, upwards of £120 or more could be saved each week. Together with the added advantage of the privacy and independence living temporarily in ‘your own’ home brings.

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