The best apps for business travellers on the road

Productivity is a funny thing. Some thrive when they’re away from creature comforts. Others find it hard to focus away from home. Technology is here to help and to make business travellers feel calm and collected, whilst also providing the tools and techniques they’re used to at home and in the office while they’re on the road.

Whether you are the person relocating or working remotely, or you need to manage staff working in a different city or location, here are the smartphone apps Clarendon believes will help focus the mind and foster productivity.

1.    DropBox

Already popular in its desktop version for sharing files across a variety of locations, DropBox is now available as an app. Being able to access your files and data while you travel is a major frustration but DropBox offers a safe and secure solution. There’s no need to email yourself and attach the files you need, instead ensure they’re saved in the DropBox and you can access them anywhere with a login.

2.    HoursTracker

It’s easy to keep up to date with the hours you’re working in the office but it can be more difficult if you’re on the road or working remotely and outside the traditional office set-up. HoursTracker enables you to manually input your hours or overtime to the app and send your timesheet directly to your boss. It suits workers as they can keep track of the time they’re spending on work while travelling but it’s also good for managers to keep an eye on how much their team is working.

3.    JetSet Expenses

Keeping hold of receipts and tracking your expenses while you’re on the road is both frustrating and time consuming. JetSet is an app allowing you to track your expenses, create expense reports and send them for payment. It saves both time and money and the reports can be sent directly to your manager.

4.    Evernote

Gone are the days when you need a pad and pen handy to take notes while you’re out and about. Instead there is Evernote. One of the most popular apps for organising your life you can save notes either in list form, text, pictures, audio or websites. You can sort notes into notebooks and tag them.

5.    Asana

When you work remotely you’re missing the regular morning and team briefings meaning it can be difficult to stay up to date on everyone’s duties, progress and productivity. Asana is an app enabling you to create a shared list to be sent to your co-workers. It aids collaboration and allows you to make and assign job duties as well as adding due dates and making edits to projects in real time.

Clarendon is committed to making life as easy and productive as possible for the business traveller on the road. We offer Wi-Fi in each of our serviced apartments across London as well as 4G for faster download speeds in select locations. Each of our apartments also features a flexible workspace with a desk or table making it easier to work in and out of the office. Our serviced apartments are across London in locations

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