Speedy progress for Canary Wharf’s Crossrail

As work begins at pace to complete Crossrail by 2015, business should start preparing for the bounce now.

A striking timber roof will be the latest addition to Canary Wharf’s Crossrail station. All four floors of the structure have been finished. The roof, which has been specially designed, will provide the finishing touch to 115,000 square feet of retail space on the top floors of the station.

The developers have not been short on ambition. They want to make Canary Wharf’s Crossrail station one of the most impressive in the capital. Considering St Pancras at King’s Cross is widely recognised as one of the most stunning in Europe, they have serious competition to square up to.

With the world’s financial hub situated nearby, as well as beginning the building job in water, it hasn’t been problem free for the engineers working at the station development. Adding the roof is being seen as the “icing on the cake” for the construction team. They aim to have the shopping and the restaurant areas of the station finished by 2015. There will also be a roof garden for people to enjoy. Over 240 metres of passenger platforms are being built at the new station and work on boring the tunnels has already started. All are located 28 metres below the surface of the North Dock.

For so long Crossrail has been a dot on the horizon. This latest development emphasises the fact that it is just around the corner so business should start to get planning to reap the benefits. Being able to travel quickly and easily around London will undoubtedly make it a more attractive place for people to come and do business. Travel times will be cut by 10% and over 200 million passengers are estimated to use Crossrail each year.

The boost to business will ensure job creation, new firms springing up as well as the increased opportunity to clients and new partnerships to head to Canary Wharf. What they will need is short let accommodation in Canary Wharf, like the serviced apartments Clarendon has invested in in the neighbourhood. With apartments across The City, South West London and the West End there is a flexible and cost-effective place to stay for those doing business in Canary Wharf, who want to benefit from the improved transport arrangements.

With 25 years’ experience in providing accommodation in the capital, Clarendon has seen different pockets of industry spring up. An excellent transport infrastructure undoubtedly boosts business simply because it helps people get to the front door, makes them more visible and attractive to new members of staff and investors alike. Crossrail will continue at pace and firms close by who want to benefit and use the improved transport situation to grow, expand and raise their profile should start to sow the seeds of their strategy now. Identifying how and where they want to grow, who they want to target and how easy it will be for them to find somewhere cost-effective and comfortable to stay while in Canary Wharf will make it more attractive and successful when they start to put their plans into action.


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