So, does Rafa Nadal get a refund for his accommodation?

 Sport is, at its heart, unpredictable. That’s why we like it so much after all. But how can you cut your costs in case you favourite team goes out in the first week?

The running joke from 2013’s Wimbledon is that the announcement of player’s on the courts at SW19 is likely to incur a response of “Who?” The first week was dominated by big names going out, from Rafa Nadal to Wilfred Tsonga, Roger Federer, Maria Sharipova and Caroline Wozniaki. The second week fared no better with women’s favourite Serena Williams going out early on. It always makes for a little added excitement.

It isn’t much fun if you’ve already paid a huge bill for your hotel though. Imagine if Rafa had paid out full whack for the whole fortnight? Chances are there are a few empty luxury rooms across London with the tennis superstars heading home early.

It isn’t just tennis where a long sporting event can throw up upsets that derail your travel plans. The World Cup, the Euros, even last year’s London Olympics; many visitors decide to arrange somewhere to stay for the duration of the event. If their nation’s team or their favourite player loses they have a long wait before they head home, or face losing money.

After the 2012 Olympics, many London accommodation providers – like Clarendon Serviced Apartments – found that actually their business model worked just as well for these sporting tourists as it does for corporate travellers. Business travellers are often looking for somewhere to stay long term. They want flexibility and they want to stay somewhere that suits them – either in the heart of the city close to the office or perhaps in the suburbs that offers a more relaxed pace of life. Hotels are thought to be more restrictive as well as being a costly place to stay for a long term visit of more than a few weeks – or even months – they incur expenses like dining out and laundry.

A serviced apartment is different. With a variety of locations spread across the capital – like The City, Canary Wharf, West end and south west London – Clarendon also offers comfortable living quarters coupled with a full fitted kitchen and a weekly housekeeping service. Travellers can cook their own meals, sample the nightlife and the attractions on their doorstep. It really is a home away from home.

So what works for the business traveller can work for the sporting tourist as well. If they book in to an apartment ahead of a long sporting event, like the Euros, or Wimbledon, they know they have a comfortable place to rest and prepare their own meals. There’s enough space for all the family and the cost reduces the longer the stay, so the week after the tournament is finished they can stay on for a few days and see the sights and sounds of the capital.

We can also help provide accommodation for those attending conferences or media events in the City, whatever you’ve got planned that means a stay of more than seven nights a serviced apartment is probably the way to go to save money and have a more enjoyable stay. Summer is a really busy time for Clarendon, so for those looking for accommodation in July or August, now is the time to book to ensure you get what you want. There’s also a wider choice guaranteed when you book in the summer months.

If you are coming for a sporting event, though, the only thing Clarendon can’t guarantee is whether your team will win or lose!


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