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While some may think it’s ridiculous to envisage a day when we could settle on Mars, it may not be beyond the realms of possibility. Of course we may never see the day in our lifetime, but what’s to say in 100 years with the rapid development of technology this won’t be a reality.

Certainly, the recent breakthrough of the NASA curiosity Rover, which drilled its first sample of the red planet, has fuelled the notion of habitance on Mars. The analysis of the sample will provide NASA researchers with an indication of whether the past environments at this location could ever have supported life. This in turn, will clarify whether human life on Mars is a realistic possibility and potentially lay the foundation down for a future manned mission.

The NASA curiosity Rover has  captured the interest of the general public with @MarsCuriosity  tweeted 1,803 times with over 1.2 million followers. This shows that many are keen to know the potential future developments that could take place on Mars.

With London and the UK becoming ever more crowded, the idea of expanding to Mars would certainly be welcomed. The travel company Expedia have already put up a “mock up page” on their site of hotels they offer on Mars and suggest tips for planning a trip there!

While this if far from the current reality, the idea of hotels and even serviced apartments on Mars could certainly be on the cards in the future.  So looking out to a picturesque canvas of red from your serviced apartment could soon become normality instead of a dream. And going to your local Tesco store on Mars for milk may become part of the daily routine!

Although I may be jumping the gun on the whole serviced apartments on Mars concept, it is something which is still exciting to think about for the future. Indeed, at Clarendon Serviced Apartments we pride ourselves on being “forward looking” and “innovative” so expansion plans to Mars could potentially be on the horizon!

Indeed, if man can walk on the moon, there is no reason why Clarendon can’t be on Mars in the future!

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