Why extended stay apartments are more flexible

To many, the extended-stay apartment is seen as the perfect accommodation solution for an international executive coming temporarily to London to work or to allow an inbound relocating executive to find time to purchase their ideal permanent home.

However, the total flexibility of using an extended-stay apartment goes far beyond these more ‘traditional’ uses. And clichéd though it may sound, once you go beyond a seven-day stay, you are limited only by your imagination!

One area where Clarendon Serviced Apartments can help is to accommodate those who have been affected by storm damage or flooding. Naturally enough, the autumn/winter period is more prone to inclement weather, but we are now witnessing less reliable summers. So in essence, the British weather and elements have become more of an all year-round unknown quantity.

Insurance companies are now increasingly looking towards extended-stay apartments to house clients who have been displaced from their homes for one reason or another.

They recognise that the flexibility of extended-stay accommodation in an apartment far outweighs that of moving into a hotel room while a house is being repaired or restored.

To begin with, the rental will be on extremely flexible terms and there is typically no minimum stay tie-in, except for seven nights. However, this doesn’t tend to pose a problem or become an issue, because most people in this unfortunate situation will have to spend a few weeks while the insurance claims get up to speed and repairs can proceed.

Then there is the availability of not only one-bed apartments for couples, but the choice of two or three bedrooms to accommodate entire families, something a hotel bedroom simply hasn’t the space to offer.

And when you move in, bear in mind that all utilities are paid for – electricity, gas, water – there’s free broadband helping you to stay connected and freeview television, as well as the all-important housekeeping service (with all bed linen and towels provided!).

Similar to being at home, you’ll find a full hob-oven, dishwasher and washing machine included in the fully-fitted kitchen, there’ll be a separate dining and living area, and children can disappear to their rooms – as they often always do anyway, to play on their consoles or to socially network – so family life can continue as normal.

Using an extended-stay apartment also means that if you want to have guests over for dinner, or your children want to have friends over, you have the space and facilities to cater for them. Similarly, bosses and colleagues can also be entertained or meetings held if required.

And with Clarendon Serviced Apartments conveniently located throughout London, your extended-stay apartment will more than likely be located not too far from your home, so you’ll have very easy access to your regular shopping areas, gyms and of course, importantly, family, friends and work.

So while you may have the inconvenience of having to leave your home while it is being repaired, you have the total convenience of not interrupting your family life to any further degree – your extended-stay apartment becomes your home away from home for the duration, where you can close your door to the world.

Clarendon’s expertise in working with insurance companies gives you the added peace of mind that the entire process will be transparent and run smoothly.


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