Minimise the stress of relocation by booking a serviced apartment

It isn’t just employees that benefit from a comfortable serviced apartment when they relocate; if a company invests in finding safe, secure and comfortable accommodation that meets the needs of their new employee they will reap rewards.

There are obvious benefits that you see when you walk into a serviced apartment. It’s clean and tidy for a start. There’s a fully fitted kitchen with all mod cons. The apartment is fully equipped with entertainment and lifestyle technology like Wi-Fi and Freeview. You know you’re just a stone’s throw from transport links that will get you to where you need to be.

It isn’t just about what you can see that makes a stay comfortable and reassuring. The most significant benefit isn’t just to the person staying in the apartment; it’s equally valuable for the company you have relocated to work for.

If a member of staff is on a business trip or is relocating, their employer recognises it has the potential to be a stressful time. The first day in a new job is difficult enough. That stress is magnified when combined with the uncertainty of moving away from a familiar town or city, often away from family and friends as well. There is the added pressure of knowing a house hunt has to begin. If they are moving with their family and children then schools, jobs, as well as getting to know a new place can be disconcerting and means self-confidence can take a blow.

Inevitably, this stress and pressure can have an impact on how the new employee performs in their new role. They can feel isolated and might not be as productive as the company may have hoped when they were first appointed.

A serviced apartment can help by removing much of this stress and pressure. A comfortable, stylish and fully fitted apartment makes life easier and more cheerful. A happier employee is one that is more productive. It makes it much more likely that their move will be a success – the cost of starting another interview process is a significant incentive for a firm to invest to make relocation as smooth a process as possible.

If the employee is happy and is staying somewhere they, and their family like, they are more likely to tell their colleagues about it. If relocation is a significant and growing element of a business strategy then the good experience of one employee is much more likely to persuade others to sign up. Conversely a bad experience will spread around the office just as swiftly.

The more thought and consideration a company puts into making the move as pain free as possible for the employee means it has a greater chance of success. Clarendon Serviced Apartments works closely with clients across the business travel industry and helps to match accommodation to the needs and wants of each of the companies; they’re not all the same depending on whether it is a one, two or three bedroom apartment, one based close to the office or a little further away in a village or suburb and what lifestyle and attractions they want on the doorstep. Finding the right place to stay for a few weeks or months at the start of the relocation is a vital part of the process.

These factors have a tangible and psychological impact on the employee. A move, they say, is one of the most stressful experiences in our lives. Helping to minimise that reduces the strain in familial relationships which benefits families, especially if they are able to move together and reduce the difficulties in a long-distance relationship. Family life is happier and together they are able to settle into their new location. There’s less upheaval and children are able to settle into their new schools and lives much more easily.

A stressed and disjointed employee who’s separated from their family won’t be productive. They’ll be living two lives and this difficulty in settling will undoubtedly affect their work. Instead, investing in finding the right home to match their needs, as well as those of their family, creates a happy employee and the greater chance of a successful relocation.

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