Looking for a place to meet? London’s first choice

New research by American Express reveals London is set to be Europe’s top destination for meetings in 2014. It’s a boon for the business travel community for the capital to be seen as the gateway to the world.

As business rolls into the New Year, London is still set to be a top European destination for business meetings. A report compiled by American Express called 2014 Meetings and Events Global Forecast placed London ahead of its major competitors on the continent including Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Brussels.

Much of the growth stems from an increasing confidence in the UK economy; as business does better and the UK is seen to be doing better companies are more likely to invest in investing new and existing clients, to pitch for new business and to explore new avenues for commerce. Across Europe the report signals a growing optimism.

Face to face meetings with clients from across the globe are an important business tool. They can be the seal on a contract; many business owners still like to meet suppliers and partners in person before they sign on the dotted line, even if their relationship moves into the digital sphere afterwards. Throughout the economic downturn, business travel took a huge hit as many firms battled against restricted budgets and wanted to minimise the amount of time they spent away from the office.

Business is still feeling the pinch and many are still working within reduced budgets but it is the sign of confidence that will encourage many professionals to book the business trip. This figures back research from earlier in 2013 when Lloyds revealed businesses felt as confident as they did in 2007 before the crash with more than half expecting trade to increase in 2014. To sign those new contracts they’ll need a meeting and London, with its buoyant business market and central base is the ideal destination.

The business world is increasingly globalised and London’s central location, excellent transport links as well as being the HQ of many of the globe’s biggest firms makes it a gateway to the rest of the world. Clarendon serviced apartments has been part of the capital for 25 years, providing serviced apartments and welcoming a diverse range of business travellers who jet in from around the globe and use London as their meeting point. What has helped Clarendon to survive and remain popular is its commitment to flexibility. Clarendon has accommodation across London designed to meet the varying needs of project workers and business travellers looking to get to know a potential new partnering firm, or working on a fixed term basis in the capital. With one, two and three bedroom apartments across the capital in the West End, South West London, The City and Canary Wharf an increased confidence in the business travel community will benefit those providing short let and long term stay accommodation.

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