London’s growth is boosted by a skilled workforce

With a population of over a million it would seem likely that there would be a healthy proportion of highly skilled workers available. A new report not only backs up that hypothesis in London, but indicates the city has the highest percentage of highly skilled workers. It’s great news for growth and the corporate sector.

London is continually looking for areas of growth and ways in which it can, as the UK capital, attract international firms to come and do business. Its infrastructure is a major draw as is its diverse range of attractions and world-beating restaurants. London is a great place to spend time on a business trip.

Now there’s another feather to add to the city’s cap. A new report published by Deloitte says London is on top of the world when it comes to attracting highly skilled workers. Employing 1.5m people in highly skilled sectors that include banking, digital media and telecommunications, staff possessing these sought after skills represent 29% of the working population. In fact across 22 different industries, London was top in 12 of them, beating New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

A highly skilled workforce is a highly sought after attribute. For a business looking for a new destination to establish itself it wants to know that its new workers can hit the ground running. Skilled workers are more innovative, able to come up with creative new ideas and products, they are able to work faster, be more productive and can wow international clients. A highly successful business is built on skilled workers.

The fact, therefore, that London has a higher percentage of these makes it an increasingly popular destination for business to come and settle. It will build on London’s global reputation as a centre for finance and media, as well as emerging industries like the digital economy and technology.

Yet this doesn’t mean the capital should rest on its laurels. In fact it is important to ensure it can continue to service these new businesses by helping to replenish and grow its percentage of highly skilled workers. The fear around the UK is that the most skilled workers will move to London. In fact the new jobs created do not need to be based in the capital. Flexibility can be a key driver for London as well as the wider UK. Offering a temporary place to stay to fulfil a contract or flexible working meaning you travel in and out of the capital regularly allows those with the eight skill sets to share them with international firms in the capital without relocating.

For both businesses and those looking for a temporary let then Clarendon offers a wide range of superior accommodation to meet their every need. Whether it is an executive travelling to get the lay of the land and see the opportunities on offer in the capital a centrally located apartment close to the city’s best attractions is an attractive offer. Similarly a cost-effective apartment solution for someone relocating or working on a fixed term contract in London is a good solution enabling them to tap into the opportunities in the capital.

London’s flexibility is what makes it an attractive place to do business, that’s why flexibility is at the heart of Clarendon’s offer

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