What is a Millennial? How do you work with them?

There are 79 million of them and they’re everywhere. As Millennials (those born in the early 80s – 2000) start to mature into the job market it’s worth considering how they will shift the way we work and travel as baby boomers begin to retire.

The Millennials have finally got the numbers to challenge the Baby Boomers. No, that’s not the description of battle between two lamely-named football teams. Instead it’s a more fundamental match point, that between two generations. The Baby Boomers were born post WW2 and were the generation that shaped modern Britain. They’re our mums and dads, basically. Then there are the Millennials. Born in the early 80s to the 2000s the oldest of them are reaching 30.

Tech-savvy, starting to work and travel at a more senior level this generation is starting to shift the hospitality sector as they demand what they want. New research conducted by the hospitality industry suggests for those offering temporary stay accommodation in the capital as well as travel perks this new generation of executives needs to be catered for.

1.    Make your information the touch of a button away

Growing up with a rapidly shifting digital landscape makes you savvy and it makes you a native. Millennials are used to finding what they’re looking for easily online and brands offering business travel and accommodation need to understand that. Apartment providers need to offer not only information about their properties but also the local area. Any questions and queries need to be dealt with rapidly or they’ll go elsewhere.

2.    Recognise the importance of the Peer Review

Advertising surrounded this generation be it online, on TV or on the high street so they know marketing messages are often hollow. Instead they turn to friends, colleagues and peers to review and inform them about what they should try. Millennials will check up to 10 sources before they book. They’ll use Trip Advisor and Feefo before making a booking and it influences their decision. For brands this means treating every customer as valuable and ensuring customer loyalty continues. Managing message through social media is vital and each brand needs to have a presence there.

3.    Be authentic

This generation is used to travelling and isn’t afraid to go underground or off the beaten track. 70% demand a “special place” to stay in that helps them immerse in local culture. At Clarendon, for example, our Spitalfields properties are in the heart of the neighbourhood, next door to the market, while our West End and Covent Garden apartments are in the heart of theatre district on Shaftesbury Avenue. Be central; offer an authentic experience on the doorstep.

4.    Basic facilities

No frills here. Millennials are happy with a shower, a clean bed and Wi-Fi. They need to get online and they need to be able to use each of their devices. Cool and trendy interiors will suit this generation and offer a great talking point.  Clarendon work hard to achieve a unique interior design that’s stylish, functional and meets all the requirements of our guests.

At Clarendon Serviced Apartments we believe it’s vital to understand what our travellers are looking for, whoever they are. Millennials, often moving to London on their first big job or working on contract and looking for a temporary accommodation form a major part of our client base. Therefore we share online customer views by Feefo on our website and make sure each of our properties is close to local attractions. We provide comprehensive information on each of our apartments online and we are committed to providing Wi-Fi and 4G in every one of our apartments. We know how important location is so we’re not in one place in the capital, we’re spread across it  with serviced apartments in Canary Wharf, the West End, the City, and south west London.

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