How can business travel be healthy?

When you’re on the road it can be easy to slip into bad habits. You can have the best of intentions but find yourself eating more junk food or takeaways, side-lining your usual fitness regime and staying up late watching movies because you’re on the road. The problem is that when we don’t feel healthy we feel more tired and if there’s a time when we need to be on the ball it’s during a business trip.

So how do you ensure you keep your bad habits at bay and have as healthy a business trip as you can? Here are Clarendon Serviced Apartments tips:

1.    Exercise reduces stress- A business trip can be a stressful undertaking. Whether it is a temporary relocation or a more permanent one then even the fact that you’re getting to know a new city can be disconcerting and leave you feeling disorientated and lacking in confidence. The positive benefits of exercise extend further than simply being healthier. They also promote positive emotional reactions and create more endorphins, helping you feel happier. Regular swimming, running or even walking should be part of your new routine to help you feel calmer and happier while you settle in.

2.    Plan your time while travelling- One of the most stressful elements of travelling is the time spent at airports and train stations. We can often leave too little time to pick up tickets, to relax and prepare for a journey which simply makes us feel more stressed and tired. Instead if you plan your time effectively you can have more free time to do what you enjoy, from grabbing a coffee to indulging in a little pre-flight shopping.

3.    Eat healthily- Junk food and takeaways are easy because they need little preparation and you can eat on the go. If you’re travelling by yourself you can easily get sucked into the mentality that there’s no point spending a lot of time cooking when it’s just for you. Instead buy fresh and nutritious food during your business trip and make yourself healthy meals. Drink plenty of water and don’t skip breakfast. You’ll be more alert, healthier and have more energy.

 4.    Get your rest- It’s much simpler to have a bedtime routine at home when you can switch off your computer and TV and get your 8 hours sleep. But when you’re travelling you can frequently find yourself working late into the night because there’s no one there to stop you or because you’re lonely/bored/homesick/eager to please. Instead make sure you bring your healthy home routines with you on the road. Don’t work late responding to emails. Electronic and blue screen devices stimulate the brain and make it harder for you to sleep. If you’re tired you can’t concentrate in the daytime. Give yourself the best chance for a good day’s work.

5.    Plan your day- It isn’t just your itinerary you need to plan, organise your contact hours in the office to give you enough time to deal with day to day tasks. Business trips are often filled with meetings where a lot of information is given to you quickly and with little time for reflection. Build time into your diary where you can do your day to day tasks like responding to emails as well as write up your notes and thoughts from that day’s meetings. You’ll feel more in control and have a greater chance of reaping the benefit of what you’re learning.

At Clarendon Serviced Apartments we understand the importance of staying healthy on the road. We aim to make our locations as healthy destinations as possible, many are just 5-10 minutes from local parks; Richmond Park is just a ten minute walk from our serviced apartments in Richmond and our Soho properties are close to Soho Gardens while Gooch House in Hammersmith is near to Ravenscroft Park. Each of our apartments has a fully fitted kitchen making it easier for you to prepare fresh and nutritious meals so you can eat healthily. A healthy business trip is a more productive one.



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