The difference between extended, short-term, and serviced apartments?

There are several terms in use today, which, to varying degrees, sometimes cause rage amongst traditional adherents to the King’s English.

For example, how can a product be “New and Improved” – either it’s a new product,  or just an old one that has been improved. Then there’s “pre-order”, one of many abuses of the prefix “pre” – purists claim that either you order something, or you don’t, and that it’s just total marketing nonsense and not physically possible to “pre-order”. It’s as easy as that!

Similarly, in the extended-stay apartment world, while many refer to “extended stay”, others use “short-term let” or “serviced apartment” to describe what is essentially the same identical thing, that is, 7+ night stay accommodation.

The problem for inbound extended stay executives to London is the confusion surrounding the offer package connected with these apartment types. Type one or other of the terms into a search engine and you’ll be presented with a full range of choices.

And typically, with the recent changes to one of the main search engines, typing in one of the relevant extended-stay apartment terms can sometimes result in quite irrelevant, advertisement-driven links that can add even more confusion.

But there’s no guarantee that your apartment will be fully-furnished – including bed linen; whether there’s a fully-fitted kitchen that includes a washing machine; or if broadband, phone and TV is included. Neither will you necessarily know how far the apartment is located from the nearest tube station, from the work location where the visitor will be engaged in business, if there are shops nearby or whether any of London’s iconic tourist attractions are within easy reach for leisure time.

And perhaps, for emergency contingencies that can so often crop up beyond the executive’s control, what are the terms and conditions relating to a cancellation or change?

A differentiation Clarendon Serviced Apartments is proud of is, that as extremely customer-centric owner managers, they have carefully chosen the location of all their apartments with all the above factors in mind. Details of distances from tube stations and landmarks are clearly indicated and there is full, up-front transparency regarding the company’s terms and conditions for visitors. This means that from the outset, neither party is in any way unclear about the expectations of the other!

All Clarendon Serviced Apartments are fully-fitted and fully-furnished, with utilities, professional cleaning service, broadband and telephone included and ready to go from the moment the visitor moves in. And with all properties sensibly located, some in the heart of the city and by the main international financial hubs, combined with the information available from the Clarendon website, the visitor is able to make the most realistic choice that best suits their requirements.

Yes, all accommodation providers are bound to say they offer the best, but it is genuinely not just an idle boast and hot air as far as Clarendon is concerned!

Clarendon is fast heading towards its 25th year providing serviced apartment in London, and stands by the fact that if it didn’t do what it “says on the tin” – or rather, what it says on the corporate website – it would never have made it to anywhere near this landmark anniversary, and certainly not as an extended-stay accommodation provider competing in London!


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