Commuting around London? Get your mobile app

Commuting around London can be a tricky endeavour, especially if you’re new to it. It’s fast, furious and you need to know where you’re going. Luckily a new generation of mobile apps helps direct you to the right place, shows you the quickest route on foot, wheel or carriage and essentially makes getting from door to door easier. Here’s Clarendon’s guide to commuter apps for London.

Tube Exits

Promising to enable you to save time, Tube Exits lets you know which carriage to board so you beat the crowds and are closest to the platform exit you need. There’s are live status  updates, which can help to save you 10 minutes off your journey.

City Mapper

Available in both London and New York, City Mapper is your personal guide making it easier for you to cross the capital. It will tell you the next tube, train, bus available and also highlight cycle or walking routes to speed up your journey. What’s more it gives you a running total of how many calories you’re burning. Commuting has never felt so healthy!


If you drive to work rather than rely on public transport you’ll know how stressful it is when you turn straight into a traffic jam. Find the quietest roads and the quickest routes with this app which uses real-time traffic information. It also shows you where the nearest petrol station is and which is the cheapest. If you’re meeting with friends or colleagues there’s also a friend tracker app.

Cycle Streets

A sat nav for bikes, CycleStreets helps you plan your journey on two wheels taking into consideration the degree of cycling proficiency you have. You can also upload pictures of infrastructure problems to help other cyclists get around too.

Commute Greener

Do you want to make your commute greener? Download the app or use it on Facebook to set a target for reducing your CO2 footprint. Get rewards as you progress and set challenges for yourself and other users.

 The Clarendon app

Clarendon’s app makes it easier for you to know what’s happening in London. It highlights any problems on the Underground, points you in the direction of a great bar or restaurant to visit as well as what the nearest theatres are showing. We go that extra mile helping to make your visit to London as fun filled and smooth as possible.

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