Clarendon's guide on how to stay healthy at work

Got an office job? Want to make sure you stay as healthy as you can? Follow these ideas and suggestions that can easily be taken on the road if you’re a frequent business traveller.

1. Don’t forget breakfast

There’s a reason why it’s described as the most important meal of the day. A wholesome and healthy breakfast keeps you energised and your mind alert. If you’re snacking in the morning or can’t wait until lunchtime then you’re not eating enough first thing in the morning.


2. Avoid sugar and snacks

The problem with sugary snacks is twofold; first they only provide a short hit of adrenaline thanks to the sugar. Second they’re highly addictive. Relying on sugary snacks mean you consume more calories, get an unhealthy sugar high followed by an afternoon crash. High sugar diets can also affect your concentration and mood. Be a happy and productive office worker with healthy snacks like fruit or nuts. Instead of caffeine and soda go for water and green tea.


3. Don’t buy lunch

Making your own lunch at home is not only a cheaper option it’s also healthier. If you’re hungry at lunchtime you’re more likely to buy a bigger lunch and choose a high calorie option. Make your lunch at home and you’re more likely to make healthier decisions and spend less cash.


4. Move around

Sitting in the same position all day isn’t good for you. When we sit in front of a computer often we’re in a position that’s bad for our joints as well as our eyes. Make sure you take a screen break every hour and move around to stretch your limbs. Do go out at lunchtime and take in some fresh air. The change in location will offer you a bit of inspiration and will clear out the mental cobwebs.


5. Stand, rather than sit

Standing up is actually far better for you than sitting down. If you have a tendency to slump you’re not only burning fewer calories you’re doing long term damage to your posture. Moving around keeps you supple and also helps you to focus more. If you’re not burning enough calories at work then you might find you’re mentally tired when you get home, but not physically tired. This can affect your sleeping pattern and mean you have an unbroken night of sleep, hardly the best way to prepare for a day’s work.


If you’re an office worker then make sure you take on board Clarendon Serviced Apartments tips and ideas to keep your working day as healthy as possible.

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