Clarendon Serviced Apartments is in favour of the Bleisure Principle

What are business travellers looking for to fulfil the perfect experience? A combination of business and leisure.

The travel trade is always on the lookout for the next major trend. They are vital because they enable providers to tap into and predict exactly what their target audience is looking for. Know what they want and you’re much better placed to anticipate needs and fulfil them. So here is the next big thing; Bleisure. Combining business and leisure is apparently the new obsession of business travellers. They want to extend their stay at their business location and spend a few days doing what they love. A growing trend it means personal and professional lives are blurring.

There are plenty of positives for bleisure travellers. They are less tired because they are not just working while they are away. They are saving money because they combine business with pleasure. And they are happier because instead of dividing the two they can combine working with spending time with the family. It is the ideal solution to the work/life balance.

What does it mean for the employer? A happy employee is a productive one. Also, the location might be an important tool in furthering a connection with the client. Say a member of staff is working on location then getting to know the place better and enjoying it more can strengthen bonds with the client and secure a positive business result.

The shift is happening quickly. Travel analysts say business travellers are increasingly tagging on a couple of days on the end of a trip to a city like London. Or they will spend a few days in a business oriented part of the city and then take off to a more leisurely focused one. It makes perfect financial sense as well to add a few leisure days onto the end of a business trip, saving costs.

How far is the trend extending, however? There are still some corporates who will want to hold back and ensure they are keeping work and leisure separate. They don’t want to blur the lines and their bosses don’t either. Expenses will need to be kept distinctly separate as it is unlikely a boss would welcome any mix up in receipts or claims from a member of staff.

For those who do want to try a little bleisure, however, London is the ideal stop-off. A city that excels both at business and leisure you can spend the day with the financial bigwigs in the City and then head to theatre’s heartland at the West End in the evening. Clarendon Serviced Apartments understands this and have consequently opened apartments enabling guests to enjoy the best of both worlds. We mapped London’s major cultural attractions and have ensured each of our apartments is a walking distance from at least one. We also make sure our developments are close to London’s extensive underground network meaning whether you are travelling for business or leisure it is easy to get around and see the sights. We are advocates of bleisure because we know you can’t work all the time. We want our guests to enjoy their stay as much as they can – we even have a Clarendon app they can download to explore what’s on in their temporary neighbourhood. A happy employee does a better job after all!

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