Clarendon looks back over 25 years: Part 6- Whither now to 2038?

One now can’t help but wonder what’s ahead for the short-let and extended-stay serviced accommodation sector of the travel industry? Will things change as much in the next 25 years as they have done during the past 25?

While a bed will remain a bed, a cooker a cooker and a lounge a lounge, it is most certainly the current accommodation booking methods that will change. Payment technology is changing at a very fast rate, and we are already witnessing the introduction of contactless systems than no longer require the input of card account and security numbers.

Predictions are that as more booking channels are introduced, most probably though mobile means, the process will become not only more streamlined and speedy, but security measures effecting all credit and debit transaction (not just those for accommodation) will have no option but to similarly increase.

Clarendon Serviced Apartments are well aware of these changing trends – and not just simply in the methods with which people pay their bills – but in the business travel and accommodation market as a whole, including those relating to technology and international travel.

One of the first responses to changing trends has been the realignment of the Clarendon sales and marketing strategy. Virtual apartment tours are now available online that not only allow prospects and customers to see exactly what they are buying into, but allows Clarendon to demonstrate that they are not just hiding behind enthusiastically-staged glossy photographs and over-descriptive narrative. What viewers of the virtual tours see is what they receive when they sign up.

Clarendon are also soon launching a product video to further help people from abroad better visualise their prospective accommodation to help them make a better informed decision based more on their precise needs.

We feel the 25 years’ experience the company has in the short let and extended stay apartment accommodation market allows us to comment with an element of authoritativeness on trends in the industry.


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