Clarendon looks back over 25 years: Part 5- The shrinking world

While globalisation slowly made progress from around the early 19th Century, it was only in the late 20th Century that the advent of mobile phones, the internet and the arrival of cheaper and subsequently ever more accessible inter-continental air travel, that the globe truly shrank.

During the 25 years since the founding of Clarendon Serviced Apartments, the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have developed very powerful internationally-focused economies, while the EMEA countries (Europe, Middle East and Africa) have continued to expand their own economies. These countries have developed highly structured domestic manufacturing, technological and service industries, and this has in turn led to either international takeovers outside their own domestic locations or the establishment of divisions overseas.

This has meant that their industrial and commercial leaders have to travel internationally, either to relocate or spend extended stays at their divisions abroad, which has seen an increased requirement for international business accommodation.

London, as one of the world’s great international cities and the location of many multinational companies, has for decades seen international executives travelling in and out on business.  However, many corporations and businesses in the emerging markets recognise the importance of the capital and are now looking towards travel to London for their staff.

As a result, there is now a need for quality accommodation, which in turn is fuelling the need for apartments as these companies increasingly recognise the advantages and cost benefits of serviced apartments over hotels for their extended-stay or as a stop-gap while their executives find more permanent accommodation.

With the experience gained from their quarter of a century in the business, Clarendon Serviced Apartments consider themselves well placed to respond to the demands of the extended stay business visitor. All their apartments are extremely well located in close proximity to both the city’s major international business and its transportation hubs.

The facilities, comfort and security provided by a Clarendon Serviced apartment make for a desirable home-from-home environment for the international business executive. Coupled with the privacy and independence for the extended-stay visitor, a Clarendon Serviced apartment is a highly attractive proposition for those visiting and staying in London on an extended assignment.


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