Clarendon looks back over 25 years: Part 4- All change on the technological front

The one most noticeable change in the world since the establishment of Clarendon Serviced Apartments in 1988 is that of communications.

In the late 80’s, the internet was about to arrive, and providing you had the muscle power to carry around the briefcase-sized battery that accompanied it, you could use your mobile phone to contact the world – although 25 years ago that was the only function of the mobile phone – to make phone calls!

And then, as features such as texting, diaries, ring tones and simple games were added, amazingly, the phone size started to shrink. Now, with the host of facilities – some quite amazing – now available on the average mobile, phone calls have almost become a secondary function.

The average business executive now uses their mobile for everything connected with modern-day communications – email, internet, mobile TV, leisure, business and social networking and even gaming, not to mention ‘Apps’ (applications) that instantly connects with everything from shopping to catch-up TV and GPS positioning to book reading. And for international business executives this means apps to book air travel and accommodation. And some executives may even use their mobiles for texting or making phone calls!

But these technological marvels do now seem to be getting bigger – often dominated by technology that begins with “i” – one has to wonder where to next for technology?

That having been said, the technological revolution has brought with it a multitude of mobile methods whereby people can search for apartment accommodation much more simply than they could when Clarendon Serviced Apartments began their business in the 1980’s; although there is no denying that the internet has become the main modern channel.

So where to for the future of apartment booking with this continual advancement in technology? Despite technology, there are still gaps when it comes to online bookings. In their efforts to make websites mobile-friendly, it is sometimes difficult for users to include their special accommodation requirements or requests. So traditional communication methods have to be utilised, such as the good, old-fashioned telephonic one!

Change or not, this is the reason Clarendon still has a dedicated reservations team to help customers with any queries or special requirements they may have.

After 25 years in business, they recognise that the personal touch still remains the best!


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