A serviced apartment isn’t just another hotel room

Educating corporates who continue to view serviced apartments as just another hotel room and potentially cheaper solution. Why would they be?

Buy in bulk and it works out cheaper in the long run. It’s true of food and it’s true of corporate accommodation. Pay for a short term stay and it will actually work out being more expensive than a longer stay of a few weeks or months.

Clarendon Serviced Apartments is working closely with businesses looking to cut the costs of their travel. Just because there has been a recession it doesn’t mean businesses need to spend less time travelling, visiting their offices or clients or encouraging staff to relocate and expand business in a new city.

A night here and a night there, some business travel only requires the odd overnight. Many corporates think because serviced apartments are generally accepted to be cheaper than hotels it must be true whatever the length of stay. Not so, this is a misconception. For short visits where the stay is for a night or two then quite often a serviced apartment is not appropriate. Shorter stays mean greater operating costs! Serviced apartment operators are required to service more frequently to manage the greater number of check-in/check outs compared with longer staying guests who receive a once a week housekeeping service. These additional costs have to be reflected in the rates. There is also wear and tear on the apartments to be considered which is generally recognised to increase in apartments that have a greater number of shorter stays.  But it’s not just about the financial costs. Serviced apartments are all about leading a more balanced lifestyle and our experience of  guests staying for a few days is they don’t tend to make full use of the amenities e.g., the fully fitted and equipped kitchen or the extra living space. Both elements are only really appreciated when staying for seven nights plus.

These benefits, combined with greater efficiency in servicing costs are what help drive the rates down on serviced apartments making them a viable cost effective solution for long stays. Typically purpose built or residential type apartments, serviced accommodation is more appropriate for longer staying corporates perhaps working in London for a month or longer. Per Diem budgets can be greatly reduced when self-catering compared to hotels and restaurant F&B costs, especially in London. For example, consider an average weekly shop for 2 persons of £90 and for a family of 4 perhaps between £120-£130, now compare that to the likely cost anywhere between £350 and £500 per week if dining out or in a hotel. Add to this the lifestyle benefits, more space, greater flexibility and freedom for guests to come and go as they please and it’s clear to see the appeal of serviced apartments.

What does this mean for companies like Clarendon Serviced Apartments? Well in the first instance it means we have to educate our customers and clients about why it might be in their best interests to book into an apartment like ours for longer term stays. If they are looking for an accommodation provider for the long-term, i.e., one that their company uses frequently, then it is worth telling them about how we can make their visit more cost-effective and make their travel budget go further. It’s also what’s best for the guest, their welfare and general well-being. Working away from family and friends can be a trying and stressful time. At Clarendon we like to make a difference and provide our clients and guests with comfortable serviced apartments to call home and make their stays in London memorable, for all the right reasons!


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