What to do in and around Canary Wharf London

It might be seen as the capital of industry but in fact Canary Wharf is also a cultural hotspot. From museums to great attractions it’s the ideal place to spend a day out. Here are the top five things Clarendon UK thinks you should see.

1.  The O2 Walkway

The O2 is one of London’s most popular live music and entertainment venues with some of the biggest global stars gracing its stage. Yet it’s also an iconic location and the O2 walkway provides a great viewing platform to see the sights of the capital as well as the domed music venue. To access the 53 metre high walkway, visitors need to wear special climbing suits, shoes and safety harnesses (all provided). Then they climb a short set of stairs to the base of the tent to start the climb. Guided in groups of 30, visitors are taken to a central observation platform via a 190metre long fabric walkway, suspended between the O2’s masts. It’s not for those with a fear of heights but if you’re looking for a challenge then this is for you. It’s £22 a ticket.

2. Museum of London Docklands

There’s a long history that flows through the East End and its relationship with the River Thames. At the Museum this rich heritage is explored and displayed telling the story of how the docklands has changed and evolved generation by generation. The building itself was once a warehouse and small cog in a major port. Storing shipments of sugar arriving from the US it played its own role in Canary Wharf’s maritime past. There are permanent educational displays that include the Thames highway and a spectacular large scale model of Old London Bridge, which was originally built by King Henry II and moved stone by stone to Arizona when it was replaced.

3.  Mudchute Farm

It can be tricky to connect with nature in the centre of a city which is why London’s city farms are so vital. One of the largest, and finest, is Mudchute Park and Farm on the Isle of Dogs. Covering 32 acres of countryside it is home to a whole host of furry and feathered creatures. Perfect for petting are the sheep, cows, dogs, horses and geese. A nature trail begins at the Education centre with numbered points of interest to learn about the great outdoors while you’re exploring it. It’s the ideal place for a family day out, plus there’s a café called the Mudchute Kitchen with a menu of freshly made food. Every year there is an Easter Parade, Summer Open Day and the annual dog show held in April.

4.  Canada Square Park


Nestled in the heart of Canary Wharf is this purpose built green and open space. It’s the venue for the arts and events programme encouraged to welcome visitors throughout the year. Ron Arad’s Big Blue sits in the centre of the park as a huge asymmetric glass fibre sculpture that looks as though it is floating off the ground is both illumination for the shopping mall and an eye-catching public artwork.


5.   Canary Wharf Shopping Mall

There’s more than just shopping at this mall. There’s an annual programme of music, film, dance, fashion shows, art exhibitions and theatre along with the 300+ plus shops, bars and restaurants that call this home. There are high street favourites like Boots and Karen Millen with food offers including Wagamammas and Tom’s Kitchen. There’s something for every price point and it’s easy to spend the whole day here. On a weekend you even get three hours’ free parking.

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