Security in serviced apartments comes as standard

In the first season of Game of Thrones, actor Clive Mantle as Lord Greatjon Umber might be a fearless warrior. In Casualty, he might have found himself in a few tricky situations but it’s likely there were none quite as frightening as what faced him in a Newcastle Hotel last month. The actor was attacked and had half his ear bitten off in a fight, just hours after leaving the stage. The ear has been reattached and a man has been arrested but the case highlights how important it is to feel safe where you’re staying.

If you relocate to a new city, if you’re working on a new job, for a new client or in a new office then chances are you already feel out of your comfort zone. You’re away from your family, you’re fitting into a new routine and you’re in a place you don’t know very well.

When Clarendon Serviced Apartments says it is creating a home from home wherever you stay, it doesn’t just mean comfortable settings. Yes, you can arrange your own laundry, benefit from a weekly housekeeping service and prepare your own meals but a home from home means more than that, it also means security.

A hotel is often open to the public and frequently has a bar on the ground floor. This makes it much more difficult in terms of security and managing who comes in and out of the space. It can often seem that real security measures e.g., a security team or a special pass that allows you to go up in the lifts, is related to price; the more luxurious and expensive the hotel, the more security measures there are in place.

Safety shouldn’t be a premium extra, it should come as standard. Guest security is important for a serviced apartment. You have recorded access to the building and once you are inside a video entry phone meaning no one can get in unless you know who they are. You can lock your own door, helping you feel safer inside your apartment. A concierge is a different service from a doorman and many  Clarendon’s Serviced Apartments benefit from this added security feature of an individual on site to help make it safer.

Extra security and privacy is important for guests who are committing to long term stays at serviced apartments. They’re in a new location and want to make sure they are as safe as possible as they settle into their new city and home.



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