How to make a London business travel trip successful

For organisations they have a responsibility to ensure each of their employees has a successful trip. Admittedly, they can’t help with what happens in the boardroom but a stress-free, secure and comfortable stay can’t hurt.

As the economy returns to pre-crash levels many businesses will be looking to get back on the road. Business travel took a hit in the downturn but the appetite for commerce is returning and firms are looking for more of an opportunity to meet new clients, secure new business and to put their employees back on the road.Yet they have a responsibility and a duty of care to ensure that each business trip is as successful as possible. This does not merely focus on the work that’s done and the corporate successes. Instead it means ensuring employees are safe and secure; know where they are going and where they’re staying.

Employees need to be given as much information as possible about where they are going to stay, what the security risks are and what they need to be aware of. Travelling blind, or not being fully away of local customs, risks and behaviours can leave an employee exposed. They need to know what spots they are going to, how they should dress and where they might need to be careful.

Understanding the risks and taking measures to alleviate them is vital. A full risk assessment needs to be carried out before an employee travels anywhere. Firms need to consider the local crime rate, any health and safety issues as well as what they need to do in case of an emergency. A travel pack including details of local medical centres and hospitals is an important addition.

Regular communication is vital to help keep an employee at ease while they are on the road, help them stay connected and to feedback any concerns they might have. It’s an easy way of assessing how the job is being done, and that corporate side of the communication is vital. But an employee is in an unfamiliar surrounding and they might be finding it hard to get used to their temporary home. Helping to reduce those concerns will ensure they are calmed and able to do a better job.

Every organisation should have an integral role in helping their employee put together their travel plan. This includes sourcing the right accommodation but also familiarising themselves with local transport networks. Knowing how far a tube station is from their accommodation will help them plan their day to day movements and make them aware of any potential delays.

If it’s a long visit them it might take the employee longer to settle in. The change the upheaval will probably be the focus of much of their attention. While it might be common for them to throw themselves into their work a good boss knows when to support their employees. At the beginning of their stay don’t overload their day instead ensure they are eased in gently and are spending enough time getting to know their new surroundings, as well as getting the job done. The faster they feel settled and secure the quicker the employee can turn their attention fully to doing a good job.

Clarendon Serviced Apartments works with many business travellers and we pride ourselves on our long standing relationships with firms. We always aim to help every business traveller have a pleasurable and successful stay in London, whether it is short term or extended stay accommodation they are looking for in the capital. We aim to offer a home from home with Wi-Fi, a fully fitted kitchen and a comfortable environment. We help to provide information on the local transport network as well as the local area via our Clarendon app. Security is provided at each of our venues with an entry code needed to get in. We have a wide range of serviced apartment accommodation across London including the West End, The City and Canary Wharf.

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